What is GemCrowd?

GemCrowd is the first online gem, jewelry and mineral tradeshow. Our goal is to bring all the world under one roof. GemCrowd is not a marketplace. Gemcrowd is not a supplier. Gemcrowd combines the Tucson tradeshow culture with the power of a secure online B2B community. Here’s how it works:

  • Represent your business with an online booth of your idea and design
  • Showcase your products to your existing customers
  • Attract new customers every day
  • Generate year-round sales
  • Sell live, or display your goods catalog-style
  • Connect with thousands of international users 24/7

GemCrowd is not a one-size-fits-all marketplace!

Because we are a secure online B2B community, GemCrowd adapts rapidly to customer needs and requests. Your booth is the gateway to solid and secure business transactions with international buyers and sellers, manufacturers, miners and distributors.

  • Buyers shop at leisure and reorder with one click
  • Buyers can slow down, return to your booth and purchase any time
  • Buyers can see your products like never before
  • Direct messaging system with customized invoicing
  • Built-in secure shopping cart access
  • Keep your new catalogs and designs secure with private Showrooms or vault that can be seen by invitation only

Doesn’t everyone love the Tucson “experience”?

It’s legendary. The annual gem and jewelry tradeshow Tucson “experience” connects you with colleagues, experts, miners, manufacturers, enthusiasts, collectors, artists, designers and professionals in a way that is unlike anything else in the world. You can find anything from raw materials formed by mother earth to the finest stones and jewelry created with human artistry in Tucson, and all of it – from every corner of the world – is available to everyone to see, touch and buy.

For members of the gem trade, the excitement of Tucson and other internatiotounal tradeshows is a fun mix of treasure hunting, friendship, competition, discovery, and inspiration all in one thrilling package. It’s too bad something this unique happens just once a year, isn’t it?

Now, you can attend the first 24/7 online international gem show!

Yes. You read that right. Imagine doing gem and jewelry trade shows like Tucson anytime you want from anywhere in the world...

  • We are an all-year online version of the Tucson tradeshow experience
  • We bring you additional access to merchandise you only find in Tucson
  • We connect you to gem-loving professionals worldwide
  • We keep your Tucson experience going – even after the live shows end

You will benefit by being on GemCrowd

The technology of business and the culture of buying is changing. Our fast-paced global economy means your business must be capable of connecting to customers anywhere and anytime. Rapid technological change means today’s customers demand you keep up with them and their devices – or you’ll lose sales and revenue.

For sellers and buyers, the internet equals convenience, so why lose out when it’s so easy to get your gem trade business — no matter how big or small — online and connected to a thriving community of customers, associates, partners and suppliers all in one place?

  • You have time to do what you do best: mine, cut, design, create and manufacture
  • Focus on what you love and take advantage of our expert recommendations
  • Focus your booth on your exact products
  • List and link to social media and websites
  • Spend the time you wish to on your booth
  • We handle the organization and technology
  • We connect your booth to the world
  • List your trade show calendar and be followed by your customers

GemCrowd takes the difficulty out of getting your business securely online

With sophisticated search engines, social media channels and online selling, the rapid pace of technology requires time, knowledge and an expert staff to monitor, maintain and keep those online business transactions secure. Don’t have much time? Our team of writers, developers and reps can help you create and maintain the exact booth you want.

Have a smart phone? You are already halfway there! With high-quality photos and 360 video spins your smart phone can generate visuals of your products in an appealing and beautiful way. Post live event videos, photos and content so your customers can “attend” a show and shop with you — without leaving their home or office.

  • Present products to your customers again and again
  • Create on-demand custom business terms and policies
  • Generate customs tools, forms and invoices for international sales
  • Sell to last year’s customers this year
  • Commission custom work and services

How do we know you’ll love GemCrowd?

Tradeshows are competitive, and you’ve got to invest in pre-event promotion, advertising, direct mail and email newsletters, and even then, sales are never a guarantee. On top of making good direct sales, finding new clients and partnerships is another way to grow your business at a crowded event. That makes tradeshows a busy experience, and you may miss opportunities due to lack of time. Let us help you with GemCrowd.

  • We have 30 years as international show vendors with experience on the selling floor
  • We know the gem trade from mine to product
  • We are trusted promoters for more than 15 years in Tucson
  • We have more than 200,000 Tucson buyers and 80,000 verified buyers
  • We are committed to building up the gem trade online
  • We want to see your business succeed
  • Our show experience and technology will help both on the floor and online
  • Our most important goal is bringing together trusted dealers and secure transactions

Retain customers, save time and money

Preparing to debut your new discoveries, materials and designs at a tradeshow can be complicated and costly. Miners, cutters, craftsmen, artisans, manufacturers, and designers work all year to build inventory. Specialty and international vendors are faced with the expense and difficulty of getting credentialed to travel. Sometimes, you’re forced to pass on a show and when this happens, a once-good customer may buy elsewhere. Nobody wants this to happen, so why not stay in contact using GemCrowd?

  • Maintain positive customer relationships
  • Keep your tradeshow customers coming back to your online booth
  • Work with trusted vendors you already know
  • No travel required
  • Cross-promote your goods with social media
  • Use private online showrooms for special promotions
  • Give buyers with up-to-the-minute live show information

GemCrowd supports your live events. Online data can assist you to choose appropriate merchandise based on the up-to-the-minute information. Analyze customer preferences, identify industry trends, discern spending habits, provide for special requests, and then use that information before you load the truck for a show.

  • Promote any tradeshow exhibit booth
  • Provide contact information for your future shows
  • Offer special discounts on-demand
  • Create coupons that don’t need to be printed, addressed or mailed

So, what are you waiting for?

GemCrowd is the world’s first online gem, jewelry and mineral tradeshow and is powered by a secure, online B2B community of trusted international buyers and sellers from mine to marketplace. It is easy and fun to create your online booth, and our team of experts is ready to assist. To learn more and to open your GemCrowd booth today, contact us at [email protected] or call (702) 799 - 9855.

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